On 23rd December 1986  Anne decided to make The Mount pleasant Inn not only her new business, but a family home. She feel in love with the old black smiths forge, which has become a beautiful room that has seen many celebrations over the years, from weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, dinner with friends or a cosy meal for two. Pub life has changed considerably since the 80’s and for the past 20 plus years, Anne has had her two daughters along side her running things. It is still family run by the same female trio, along with the love and support from their men! Some say walking into the MP is like coming home. As a family, we hope in the years to come we continue to open our doors and carry on making you feel warm and welcome. 

2020 has seen a huge change in the hospitality industry, and none of us could have dreamt what the covid-19 crisis would do to us all. Along with so many others, we have now had to change the way we run our pub and we have to keep adapting with any regulations set to us.

We are now into October 2021 . Our doors have been open to you over the past months… and yes, things aren’t quite the same!!!! Behind the scenes we are still more than ever paddling like mad to keep our heads above water and still doing our best to make you feel safe and comfortable. Covid is still very much around and none of us want to be ill or pass it around, so please be respectful of other customers and our staff.  As the nights draw in and the weather is getting colder our indoor space is possibly all we can offer so always think about booking a table a table or calling ahead to find out what availability we have as we still are not having standing in the bar area.

A long time ago ………At the beginning back in July 2020….we were pretty nervous about starting up again. Its been a real rollercoaster ride and the loops haven’t finished yet, even with all the vaccine program. As you can all appreciate not only is this pub our business but it is also our family home. So when we were getting ready to open up again we took some time to ensure that we made it as safe as possible for you our customer but also for us as a family. We risk assessed our business in line with the current government guidelines and COVID-19, and keep reviewing it daily.  We are looking ahead now we are into 2021 and will start to rebuild and time will heal. Things have changed and we won’t be  running at the same level that we once did, it will take some time to get back to some form of calm for us and many others. We hope that the service we will be able to provide will fit into your weekly planner and hope to see you all soon.

We want to thank so many of you for all your kindness and support in these times, and for all those that have been organised over the past months and read the web site, given a pre order and just generally been informed….you all get a Golden acorn 🙂 Please try to carry on being mind full that we are not out of this pandemic, and yes , the hospitality industry has re opened, but we are all finding our feet again and it sometimes takes a little time to do things,  so keep up the good work by being informed and patient when not just visiting our pub …but any where !!! xx

Our future ?? Everything is going to be very different for the small countryside pubs, and how we move forward every day is very unknown and uncertain and we are relying on you too to respect the changes in place and practice good social distancing and personal hygiene. So when we are open , and if you are travelling  by foot, car, bike, tractor, horse or steam engine, you are all once again very welcome to rest and re fuel as many have always done 🙂fullsizeoutput_247e

health and kindness to all.


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