We are a hard working Family run pub since 1986 and have welcomed you into our Home for all those years 🙂

Along with so many others, we have had to change the way we run our pub due to the  present world crisis.

We are now into November.

At the beginning back in July  ….we were pretty nervous about starting up again. Its been a real rollercoaster ride and the loops haven’t finished yet! As you can all appreciate not only is this pub our business but it is also our family home. So when we were getting ready to open up again we took some time to ensure that we made it as safe as possible for you our customer but also for us as a family. We risk assessed our business in line with the current government guidelines and COVID-19, and keep reviewing it daily.  November is now upon us and we are  sad that we have had to close again like so many other business, but because of all the hard work we did to get the pub ready last time, when they say we can open again …we are ready! Whilst we are closed we will carry on our local take away service and you can find all details by going to the take away button. If you are going to come for a take away the following still applies

Have you any symptoms of being ill?

Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or confirmed COVID -19?

Have you been to an area or country that has high infection risk or are in a high tier ?

If you have said yes to any of the above, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT, stay at home.

If your answers are no to these questions then head to our Take away  button on how to navigate the pub whilst we are closed. We have details for you to read on how we have adapted to covid-19 also on this site.

We want to thank soooooo many of you for all your kindness and support in these times, and for all those that have been organised over the past months and read the web site and given a pre order….you all get a Golden acorn 🙂

Everything is going to be very different for the small countryside pubs, and how we move forward every day is very unknown and uncertain and we are relaying on you too to respect the changes in place and practice good social distancing and personal hygiene. So when we open again, and if you are travelling  by foot, car, bike, tractor, horse or steam engine, you are all once again very welcome to rest and re fuel as many have always done 🙂fullsizeoutput_247e

health and kindness to all.


See you in December


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