On 23rd December 1986  Anne decided to make The Mount pleasant Inn not only her new business, but a family home. She feel in love with the old black smiths forge, which was a working forge until the late 60′, which after that became a beautiful room that has seen many celebrations over the years, from weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, dinner with friends or a cosy meal for two. Originally it was an Ostlers house used for changing the horses when a coach came through the village and dates back to the 18th century.
Pub life has changed considerably since the 80’s and for the past 35 years  Anne has had her two daughters along side her running things. It is still family run by the same female trio and the amazing team that are a huge part of the success of this much loved pub. Some say walking into the MP is like coming home. We hope in the years to come we continue to open our doors and carry on making you feel warm and welcome. 

2020/21 has seen a huge change in the hospitality industry, and none of us could have dreamt what the covid-19 crisis would do to us all. Along with so many others, we have now had to change the way we run our pub and we have to keep adapting with any regulations set to us.

We are now into MAY 2022 . …. We have our spring hours now in place and are still working hard to ensure you feel comfortable, and no, things aren’t the same as they once were!

As we move forward with the restrictions being lifted please take a moment to think of other customers and please continue to be respectful that this pub is also our family home, so we ask you to continue to observe social distancing towards our staff and other customers, and you carry on to maintain good personal hygiene and carry on using the hand sanitiser stations  provided.

A long time ago ………At the beginning back in July 2020….we were pretty nervous about starting up again. Its been a real rollercoaster ride and the world is still under so much heart ache and trauma. As you can all appreciate with Covid, not only is this pub our business but it is also our family home, so when we were getting ready to open up again we took some time to ensure that we made it as safe as possible for you our customer but also for us as a family. We risk assessed our business in line with the current government guidelines and COVID-19, and keep reviewing it daily.  We are looking ahead now we are into 2022 and will start to rebuild and time will heal. Things have changed and we won’t be going back to running at the same level that we once did. We hope that the service we will be able to provide will fit into your weekly planner and hope to see you all soon.

Our future ?? Everything is going to be very different for the small countryside pubs, and how we move forward in this world is very unknown and uncertain for everyone. All we can say is we will continue to provide good local beers,ciders, home cooked food, warm fires in the winter and beautiful beer garden in the summer. So if you are travelling  by foot, car, bike, tractor, horse or steam engine, you are all very welcome to rest and re fuel as many have always done :)

health, peace and kindness to all.

The PUB x

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