Whats the plan? We hear you cry………………….its up in the air, but we are leaving this page up as this is what we are hoping for !!!!

We will be running the December Menu with a touch of Mount Pleasant magic, which you can find below from the 3rd December till 23rd December. Unless we are still in lock down. Our December hours for the month are at the bottom of this page.

You will need to book a table and pre order starters and mains. We don’t need you to pre order puddings, but if you would like to guarantee your choice then we are happy to take you pudding in advance to.

During December all food booking will have the choice after your meal, of one complementary drink from our Hot Drinks menu including a special mount pleasant festive treat.

We are taking bookings in line with the current Government requirements of rule of six. WE WILL NOT BE TAKING BOOKINGS ABOVE A SIX, so please don’t try and sneak round it.(please be advised that at the moment it is mixed house holds but anything could happen to change this )

If anything changes for the good or the bad we will just adapt and keep you informed 🙂 so if you would like to book ahead please give us a call.


please specify when you place your order if you are GF DF or Vg so we can leave out certain ingredients

starters £6.50 or as a larger size £9.50

BRIE WEDGES deep fried breaded brie wedges served with cranberry & salad

BLANCHBAIT breaded deep fried little fishes! served with tartar sauce & salad

CALAMARI deep fried Panko coated squid rings served with garlic mayo & salad

CHICKEN LIVER PATE home made served with salad red onion chutney & seeded roll GF

PRAWN SALAD prawns and pink sauce on a salad nest GF DF

POTATO SHELLS two shells filled with creamy garlic mushrooms GF can be DF Vg

HONEY ROASTED PARSNIP SOUP topped with parsnip crisp. GF DF Vg

Small bowl £5 Large bowl £7 GF DF Vg


FESTIVE ROAST TURKEY enjoy a little bit of the season! Turkey is served with all the trimmings, stuffing, sausages, bacon, cranberry, bread sauce, roasts and vegetables £13 can be GF DF

BEEF & BLACK PEPPER slices of roast beef cooked in a black pepper sauce with a splash of cream and served with roasts Yorkshire pudding, mashed potato and vegetable £13 can be GF DF

STEAK & STILTON PIE home made pie  topped with a short crust pastry and served with vegetables & roasts £14

LIVER BACON & ONIONS pan fried lambs liver with onions, gravy & topped with bacon. Served with mash potato & vegetables £13 can be GF DF

 BEEF CURRY our home made curry is served with rice salad and naan bread £13 Df can be GF

CHICKEN SPECIAL chicken breast cooked in garlic butter mushroom bacon and cream.Served with fries and a choice of salad or vegetables £15 GF

CHICKEN BENEDICTINE chicken breast cooked in mushrooms spring onions brie benedictine and cream. Served with fries and a choice of salad or vegetables £15 GF

HOME MADE LASAGNE served with salad or fries £13


SPINACH AND FETA FILO PIE  home made pie of spinach and feta encased in a light filo pastry. Served with fries & a choice of vegetables or salad.

ROASTED VEGETABLE PIE assortment of vegetables roasted in olive oil, garlic, black pepper, sea salt and paprika. Our home made pie is topped with a short crust pastry and in creamy sauce served with peas & roasts DF Vg

STUFFED RED PEPPER red pepper roasted in olive oil, chilli salt pepper and garlic then filled with a vegetable stir fried vegetables and topped with cheddar served on a bed of rice GF can be DF Vg


SCAMPI Whitby whole tailed scampi in bread crumbs served with fries & peas £13 DF

FISH PIE home made pie of salmon, prawns & haddock in a creamy sauce topped with mash potato served with vegetables & fries £14 GF


All children dinners come with a drinks cartoon and chocolate Freddo

CHEESE & TOAMTO PIZZA fries and salad

CHICKEN GOUJIONS fries and peas

FISH FINGERS fries and peas

SMALL ROAST TURKEY vegetables and roasts




If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirements please inform a member of our staff or ask to talk to the chef direct before you place your order.


Cheese and Biscuits stilton cheddar and brie served with crackers and frozen grapes

Christmas pudding home made and served with clotted cream and brandy sauce

Rum and Raisin Caramel Ice Cream Sundae  individual meringue nest filled with rum and raisin ice cream clotted cream and topped with banana crisp GF

 PUDDINGS BELOW COME WITH A CHOICE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING clotted cream —   ice cream —  custard 

Pear Frangepan Tart sorry can’t spell that one will up date later !!!

Chocolate Brownie served warm & just yummy

Sticky Ginger Pudding served warmed and with extra toffee sauce poured on top

Ice Creams & Sorbets topped with a flake

1 scoop £2.50 or 2 scoops £5

Complementary Hot Drinks Menu.

One hot drink and treat per person after your meal. You can choose from coffee, tea, hot chocolate or glass of mulled wine. We will be hand making a special festive treat to be enjoyed along side your chosen hot drink.

DECEMBER FOOD HOURS Please be advised these hours could change depending on any new announcements made by the Government (carry on looking at our hours page for the daily bar hours. We will still have to have the pub empty and doors closed by 10pm)

 30th November Monday CLOSED Still in clock down
1st Tuesday closed Still in clock down
2nd Wednesday closed Still in clock down
3rd Thursday 12noon till 7.30PM
4th Friday 12noon till 7.45PM
5th Saturday 12noon till 7.45PM
6th Sunday 12noon 3PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM)

 7th Monday CLOSED
8th Tuesday 12noon till 7.30PM
9th Wednesday 12noon till 7.30PM
10th Thursday 12noon till 7.30PM
11th Friday 12noon till 7.45PM
12th Saturday 12noon till 7.45PM
13th Sunday 12noon 3PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM)

 14th Monday CLOSED
15th Tuesday 12noon till 7.30PM
16th Wednesday 12noon till 7.30PM
17th Thursday 12noon till 7.30PM
18th Friday 12noon till 7.45PM
19th Saturday 12noon till 7.45PM
20th Sunday 12noon 3PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM)

 21st Monday 12noon till 7.30pm
22nd Tuesday 12noon till 7.30PM
23rd Wednesday 12noon till 7.30PM December menu ends
24th Thursday CLOSED Christmas Eve
25th Friday CLOSED Christmas Day
26th Saturday CLOSED Boxing Day
27th Sunday CLOSED

 28th Monday 12noon till 7.30pm Daily Changeable menu
29th Tuesday 12noon till 7.30PM Daily Changeable menu
30th Wednesday 12noon till 7.30PM Daily Changeable menu
31st Thursday CLOSED New Years Eve
1st JANUARY 2021 CLOSED New Years Day. Lets all hope and wish for a good one and send out lots of positive vibes
2nd Saturday 12noon till 7.45PM Daily Changeable menu
3rd Sunday 12noon 3PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM) Daily Changeable menu

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