The Mount Pleasant inn is situated on the crossroad  in the centre of the village of Nomansland on the B31371 Tiverton to South Molton road.

If you come from the North Devon link road take the turning signed Templeton and when you come off link road take the right at the t junction then left following the Nomansland sign. (watch out for pot holes on small lanes, GENERALLY INDICATED BY RIBBONS IN TREES )

All entry to the pub is to be made via the main front door only. The back door will have no access as this ensures that the corridor is for access to the toilets only.

The requirement of face coverings by customers whilst inside the premise will come into effect on Thursday 24th September. Face coverings will become a legal obligation, except when seated at a table to eat and drink. If you leave your table for any reason you must replace face coverings.

……………just to clarify, you need to wear a face covering at all times except whilst seated at your table. This means putting on your face coverings BEFORE you enter, not once you are inside and had a little walk about. And if you are sat down, and your mind tells you to get up for any reason, put on your face covering BEFORE you get up and again, walk half way round the pub ……….Just saying !!!!

From Thursday 24th September, The doors of pubs must be shut by 10pm. Please see our hours as closing times is 9/9.30pm on week days.

Also from this date table service only, so for the love of all things cute and fluffy …sit down!

We are and have already been doing all the other things from the start…PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE and take note of booking, pre ordering and hours. Thanks

For all food you will need to book a table 01884 860271  And you will need to pre order at all times even at short notice, so have a look at the menu on this site and be ready ! It helps in so many ways, we have better control on our ordering and stock, we can cook fresh to order and in these times of social distancing it reduces the contact time spent at tables taking orders for us and you ……oh and its saves menu cleaning and paper waste :)If you say that you have your pre order then you will avoid our waffling about it too !!!!!!!!

If you decide to come for a drink it is now strictly  table service only.

We haven’t been taking booking for drinks as normally it will be a first come first serve basis, but as we enter a new month and NEW REGULATIONS ON TABLE SERVICE we will take bookings for just drinks. If you are just going to pop in for a drink we encourage you to ring ahead to find out how busy we are especially if its pouring with rain ! We will have outside spaces always available, unless extreme weather, and then areas inside. (the regulations  are indoors and  outside  up to 6 people from different households if you start to group over 6 we will separate you so please don’t put anyone in that situation). We have had to reduce and limit our seating, but on arrival you will be welcomed and guided to places to sit. There will be no standing at the bar

In wet weather the capacity for drinkers reduces as limited space indoors.  We recommend that you phone ahead when the weather is really bad to find out how full we are.

(Government  regulations  are indoors 6 maximin, outside 6 maximin.) We will  not be taking any bookings any larger than a 6 and will not accommodate any more than 6 drinkers in one group and will not allow gatherings to merge over 6. PLEASE RESPECT THIS we have enough to deal with so don’t put us in an uncomfortable situation. You will need to follow your own tier regulation that you live in on household mixing or not mixing. And if you are in a high tier….do you really think you should be traveling and going out ????

Like many business we are recommending contactless payment if you can. But we will still accept cash. We accept Credit Cards & Debit Cards . We do Not accept payment by cheque.

BIT ABOUT DOGS  …..For Bookings with dogs, we do allow dogs in but they must be kept on a lead at all times, be cat and other dogs friendly and NOT be an un happy dog that will cry or bark ……its not pleasant for other customers !!! Areas that we book for tables with dogs is limited. If you turn up and have NOT booked a table with dog space this could cause problems !!! So don’t forget to say when booking. Also please don’t bring a whole pack….we are a small pub with difficult times in regard to floor space and social distancing .

For pictures and just stuff have a look at instagram and Facebook!

For all general enquiries, pre orderings and any other questions  please email WITH THE HEADING NOMANSLAND please…. it means your email jumps out to us !!!!! (we get many )

If you phone on a Sunday night or Monday we may not pick up as we are closed, so  if we don’t answer or respond to  emails or messages on facebook that’s why.

Person entering any area of the premises do so entirely at own risk.

Please note that all vehicles parked on the premises are done at their owners risk as are belongings left in them. No cars are permitted to be left overnight and when closed the car park entrance is chained.

 We have risk assessed our business in line with the current government guidelines and COVID-19. In return we ask that if and when you decide to visit our pub you ask yourself a few questions.

Have you any symptoms of being ill?

Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or confirmed COVID -19?

Have you been to an area or country that has high infection risk?

If you have said yes to any of the above, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT.

So thats it for the moment. We have more detailed info on the Whats New button  ………oh and just be patient and kind to us and others 🙂

…..oh and yes, I know I can’t spell 🙂

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