So we are into October…..

……………just to clarify, you need to wear a face covering at all times except whilst seated at your table. This means putting on your face coverings BEFORE you enter, not once you are inside and had a little walk about. And if you are sat down, and your mind tells you to get up for any reason, put on your face covering BEFORE you get up and again, walk half way round the pub ……….Just saying !!!!

and yes ….The doors of pubs must be shut by 10pm. Please see our hours as closing times is 9/9.30pm on week days.

Also from this date table service only, so for the love of all things cute and fluffy …sit down!

And STILL….Gatherings of more than six not permitted, so don’t put us in the uncomfortable situation where we have to ask you to part.

Thank fully we are in a low risk tier ….lets keep it like that please

We are and have already been doing all the other things from the start…PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE and take note of booking, pre ordering and hours. Thanks

Please be advised that these hours could change at short notice.

Bar Opening Hours

WEEKLY BAR HOURS  These hours will become prompt 

 Monday CLOSED
Tuesday 12noon till 9/9.30PM
Wednesday 12noon till 9/9.30PM
Thursday 12noon till 9/9.30PM
Friday 12noon till 10PM
Saturday 12noon till 10PM
Sunday 12noon 5PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM)

Kitchen Opening

 We will not accepting any bookings larger than a six so please do not ask or try a sneak around it.

 Booking a table is essential ….. we highly recommend that you book a table for food or phone ahead if you are thinking short notice. Our seating capacity has reduced and time slots spread out. You will need to pre orders at all times, even if you phone last minute so have orders ready ! It helps in so many ways, we have better control on our ordering and stock, we can cook fresh to order and in these times of social distancing it reduces the contact time spent at tables taking orders for us and you and with the reduced hours it means that in the evening we will be on time to insure we close  ……oh and its saves menu cleaning and paper waste 🙂

 We will be  shutting the doors at 9.30pm Tuesday to Thursday & 10pm on Friday & Saturday nights , so if you are organising any taxis or lifts it must be no later than these times.


26th Oct Monday CLOSED
27th Oct Tuesday 12noon till 7.30pm
28th Oct Wednesday 12noon till 7.30PM
29th Oct Thursday 12noon till 7.30PM
30th Oct Friday 12noon till 7.30/8pm
31stOct Sat 12noon till 7.30/8pm
its the hell did that happen :0  1st Sunday 12noon 3PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM)

Book ahead for …….NEXT WEEK! 

1st Nov ( you have got to be kidding …November!!!) Monday CLOSED
2nd Nov Tuesday 12noon till 7.30pm
3rd Nov Wednesday 12noon till 7.30PM
4th NovThursday 12noon till 7.30PM
5Th Nov Friday 12noon till 7.30/8pm
6th Nov Sat 12noon till 7.30/8pm
7th Nov Sunday 12noon 3PM  (CLOSED SUNDAY PM)

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