Now open on sunny summer  days.

Our garden is situated at the rear of the pub from the back car park and is a lovely space to relax and enjoy the Devon air. As we are a family run pub, this also means that it’s our home too and we open our garden for you to enjoy.

All we respectfully ask , and we don’t feel it’s too much to ask, is that when using the garden that children are supervised at all times to ensure that they and the garden stay safeAll dogs to be kept on leads and must be child, other dog and cat friendly as we have many cats, that we/I love, lounging around in the safety of this space, so if your dogs aren’t chilled with cats please don’t bring them to the garden. And one last thing about dogs…..please don’t use our garden and lawn as a dog toilet. Take then for a walk in the surrounding country side, even for a wee it’s not pleasant for other customers or when gardening to have dog scents where we garden and plants tend to die. Hopefully when you sit in out garden you will understand these request.

Thank you 🙂