The Garden and outside spaces…. we have seating at the front of the pub and also a beautifully loved  garden. To avoid disappointment, we feel that we need to make you aware that these spaces are not a suitable children’s play park. For safety, Unattended children are not permitted in any outside spaces. The lawned garden is next to our carpark and is set as a formal garden and the front seating area is on the main road side of the pub. When the weather is bad the back garden will be closed.

Dogs and the garden  ….  we do allow dogs but they must be kept on a lead at all times. They need to be other dogs friendly and people friendly. If your dog does not like cats, please do not bring on to the garden,  we have cats that own this space! Please be respectful for other customers, not everyone is a fan of dogs especially if they are eating.  …oh and just to add one more request…the garden is not a dog toilet! PLEASE Take them for a walk in the country lanes & be respectful of our village when doing so.  You may think this is a lot  if you want to bring dogs, but so many of us have dogs nowadays  & hopefully one you see the garden you will understand our requests !!!

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