MENU ….when its gone, its gone !!!!


Chunky vegetable  Soup served with a roll. Small £5 Large £7 GF can be DF  Vg

Stilton Pate served with rolls, red onion chutney & salad. Can be GF Starter £6.50

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms served with a roll. Can be GF

Dipping Platter  deep fried Southern fried chicken, crispy mushroom dippers, onion rings, mini sausages served with garlic mayo and sweet chilli dip £9.50

Cheddar Ploughmans served with salad pickles & rolls £10 can be GF

Filled Jacket Potato served with salad £10 can be GF

 Choice of CHESSE & BEANS – PRAWNS –

Filled Roll served with salad and fries £10

Choice of Cheese & pickle OR Prawn OR Mini Sausage & onion


Roasted Red Peppers filled with bean chilli topped with cheddar, served on a bed of rice £14 can be GF DF Vg 

The HB  veggie burger on a bed of lettuce sweet chilli & avocado, topped with Hallumi. 

Served with gherkin coleslaw and fries £14 Can be GF DF Vg

Vegetable Lasagne  assorted vegetables in a rich tomato sauce topped with creamy cheddar sauce served with fries or salad £14

Roasted Vegetable pie in a creamy sauce served with fries and peas £14

Chicken, Mushroom & Pesto Pasta £14

Stilton Pear & Hazelnut Tart served with fries and salad £14

Whitby whole tailed Scampiserved with fries & peas £14 DF

Steak & Ale Pie – topped with shortcrust pastry served with fries & vegetables £15

Turkey & Ham Pie – in a creamy sauce topped with shortcrust pastry served with fries & vegetables £15

Chicken Benedictine – cooked with spring onions, mushrooms, Brie, Benedictine & cream served fries & vegetables  £16 GF

Cranberry Chicken  – cooked in red wine cranberries & cream served with fries & vegetables £16 GF can be DF

Liver  & bacon covered in Onion gravy served with vegetables and mash  £14 DF

The MP Burger – on a bed of lettuce & tomato topped with mushrooms, onions, & cheddar served with gherkin, coleslaw & fries £14 Can be GF DF

Tex Mex – beef chilli in tortillas topped with cheddar served with salad £14 can be GF DF

KIDS MEALS served with fries, peas £6

Cheese & Tomato Pizza  –  Chicken Goujons (3)   –    Jumbo Fish Finger       

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