For the rest of April and into May, we will be carrying on our Take away service on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 5pm till 7pm. On these days, and if the weather forecast in dry and good we will look to open up our outside space for DRINKS ONLY. To make sure you are up to date and familiar with regulations and any new requirements by law, please read information below. Thank you.

🤗🙏Please carry on being covid safe so we can all get out of this world crisis soon🤗🙏

From March 29th 2021 regulations regarding venue check have changed. All visitors, 16 and above, will be required to check in to enter hospitality venues, not just one person per group. Individuals can do this by checking in with the NHS COVID-19 app or, by providing their name and contact details. Anyone who does not comply must be refused entry. We have to ensure we are compliant with the rules or we may face a £1000 fine.

As a hospitality venue we are legally required to display an official NHS QR code poster, which is situated at the front door or on tables, and  ensure all individuals, 16 and above, check in. This includes outside spaces. Anyone who refuses must be refused entry.

So as you have just read, all customers must check in via the NHS app by scanning the code displayed at the pub, which will be at the front door or cards placed on your table. If you do not have the ability to do this you must still give your contact details in person. Any person refusing to do this means that by law we must refuse entry. On gatherings, the rule of Six or Two houses holds still applies. So please make sure you respect others and keep practicing social distancing. Any groups gathering above this rule will be asked to separate to ensure we are compliant to the law.  When our outside spaces are open you will need to be seated at all times and table service will be provided. On arrival we will seat you to available tables. Please do not enter the bar.  No ‘standing’ drinking will be available outside, so if the tables are all full we will be unable to accommodate you. Please don’t bring your empty glasses in, we will collect them.  No entry will be permitted to the inside spaces, the only exception is for the use of the toilets.  Face coverings must be worn if entering the pub for the use of toilets and is still a one in one out system. You must use hand sanitises on arrival, during your visit and before entering to use of WC.

The following questions still apply before you visit our outside space or takeaway.
Have you any ill symptoms?
Have you been in contact with anyone showing ill symptoms or confirmed COVID -19?
Have you been to an area that has a high risk infection?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, please do not come to the pub.

Please be aware we reserve the right to refuse entry and also to close with out notice.

Remember, WE ARE ALL ON DISPLAY OUT SIDE so please, don’t get us into trouble….. we don’t make the rules, so be nice if you get reminded. It’s hard for us all, and at times upsetting 😦 If you would like more information please call and we can work things out together 🙂

We are leaving the rest of the pub information pages as it is because it is exhausting changing it all the time! As always as soon as we have more information we will update our page. But for now, hopefully the above and  below information will give you all the answers that you need to navigate the following months.

THE FOLLOWING IS THE REST OF INFORMATION ON HOW THE PUB FUNCTIONS WHEN OPEN INDOORS. Until we get closer to May we will not know what the restrictions will be, but this is what they were.

The requirement of face coverings by customers whilst inside the premise came into effect on Thursday 24th  September 2020. Face coverings are  a legal obligation, except when seated at a table to eat and drink.

You are required by law to give track and trace details. If you do not want to we can not offer you service or admittance to the pub. We have the NHS test and trace scan codes as you arrive, if you do not have the app or ability to use this we will take details.

Also from the date above table service only, inside and outside,  so for the love of all things cute and fluffy …sit down!

We have been running our pub and take away service under all the regulations from the start and continue to risk cases our business on a daily basis. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE and take note of booking, pre ordering and hours, and on all information on how to navigate the pub when open. Thanks  

YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE REGULATIONS IN THE PLACE YOU LIVE IN AND please BE SENSIBLE, and maybe just think about places that you are thinking of visiting.

We would like to give you an idea of how The Mount Pleasant has opened its doors back in 2010 and explain and show you what we have done and put in place with regard to COVID-19. 

We would like to start by saying that safety is extremely high for us as not only is this our business but it is also our home, we want to protect you and us all, it’s like opening our lounge up ! We are testing as family twice a week,  and any staff that start to rejoin the team will be tested regularly.

We have risked assessed our business in line with the Government guidance on COVID-19. To protect other customers, staff and family we reserve the right to refuse service to those showing ill symptoms or those disrespecting any of the measures that we have put in place.

We ask that you yourselves ask the following questions before you visit.

Have you any ill symptoms?

Have you been in contact with anyone showing ill symptoms or confirmed COVID -19?

Have you been to an area that has a high risk infection?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, please do not come to the pub.

Hopefully you have said no to them and you feel ready to venture out, so ………

Welcome 🤗

What to expect on arrival

We have changed the way you enter the pub. All access is via the main front door only. Here you will find a path directing you. You will need to wear a face coving whilst using the pub, except when seated at a table. At the main door before you walk in we have a sanitisation stations on the wall that you must use before entering the premises. Any persons that feel unable to make this journey can ask for assistance at the station by the kitchen door. All visitors, 16 and above, will be required to check in to enter hospitality venues, not just one person per group. Individuals can do this by checking in with the NHS COVID-19 app or, by providing their name and contact details. Anyone who does not comply must be refused entry.

Hopefully you will have booked a table for food as this is highly recommended as our capacity has been reduced.  You need to follow the regulations in the place you live.  On arrival you will be greeted and shown to your booked table.  We have two outdoor spaces, the first being the area you have just walked through which is our ‘terrace’ as we have nicknamed it. We have placed  three tables with good social distancing and umbrellas,  and there is also three two seater benches. We have lavender pots at the front which are spaced 1 meter plus to remind you of social distancing. TABLE SERVICE ONLY PLEASE DO NOT APROCH THE BAR . The second outside space is our back garden which has three tables. These also have umbrellas and large social distancing space around them. If you have decided to stay in the back please feel free to ring bell at the back kitchen door station to place orders as it is table service only and you are unable to approach the inside bar.

Any one with dogs must keep them on leads at all times and they must be cat friendly, people and other dog friendly.   

We ask that you refrain from bringing your dirty glasses back into the bar. We will collect them.

We don’t want you to be disappointed that our outside spaces don’t have kids play areas as our garden is more formal and the front is on a main road. We feel that we need to make you aware that our garden and outside spaces are not a suitable children’s play ground and Children can not be left unsupervised in any outside space at the pub.

Booking a table 

We consider booking essential for food  as we are at a reduces capacity so we highly recommend that you do book a table or call up if you are considering  a spur of the minute outing. A pre ordering option is available or you can order at your table .

Use of the toilets 

You will need to put face mask on when moving around the pub. We have closed off access to the premises by the back door so we can ensure that the corridor is for gaining access to both toilets. Our toilets are strictly one in one out and we have locks on the outer doors, and with the back door not in use this now gives plenty of safe space for any one waiting. Inside the toilets you have it all to yourself and this will give you space, time and comfort to be able to wash your hands properly. We have cleaning products in the toilets that you can also use for more peace of mind. As with the whole building we have a HTP system in place ( high touch points) and all the staff are trained in all areas of HTP. The toilet HTP are done on a regular time slot or done after each use. Once you leave the toilets we also have two sanitisation points on the wall in the corridor. The door to the corridor has a sanitation point now on the door as its getting a bit cold and we need to shut this door, so use this pump before you touch the handle.

About service and the team

All members of our team are trained and aware of HTP, hand washing procedures and social distancing measures that are in place. In our working  spaces we have five hand sanitisation stations and two hand washing stations. We also test regular as family and our team.

Please be assured that our hand Washing/sanitisation is extremely high and we all wash our hands correctly before during  and after each task.  Our team will be in face masks. Any cloths used to carry food are single use.

We do not lay up any tables and condiments, butters and sugars are single serve.

We have menus that are laminated, and once you have ordered that menu will go into our de contaminating system before it is put back into circulation the following day. If you are not happy with these menus please ask for a paper menu or look on line as all our menus can be found here on this web site.

Our premises already complies with Safe Food Better Business  that the government have in place for all food premise and we are proud to say that in the 34 years of dealing with them we have always had a high rating and excellent reports. We run our business on a strict clean as you go motto and I can confidently say that safety and cleanliness in our kitchen, bar and handling and storing of all food and drink and personal hygiene is extremely high. 

The table and area you will be seated at will have under gone a complete clean and during your visit HTP cleaning around the pub will be carried out approximately every 15/30 minutes or after and area has been seen to be used or touched. 

The bar itself is screened with built in Perspex with low opening on each side. There is no standing at the bar or in the bar area, it is all table seated service. In the pub we have four sanitisation stations. Theses are situated on entry to the snug, bay window, the forge and in the middle bar area. We feel confident that when you move around the premise we have placed sanitisation stations in all areas of concern, there is no excuse not to have clean hands !

Our rooms 

We have reduced our seating capacity in all areas of the premises and we have no standing areas inside or around the bar. Our tables and seating have been placed in guidance with the 2 meter and 1 meter plus distancing.

The Top Bar

Tables have been removed in this area to create space for movement of our staff coming from the kitchen and bar and also for customers moving in and out of the Forge. We have created a small area for up yo 3 people to sit comfortable in front of the wood burner.

The Forge

Our Forge is a naturally large open and airy room. We have removed tables and again the table spacing is in guidance with the Government guidance. In this room we have five tables of four that can be adapted to variation of covers required. 

The Bay Window

This beautiful room now has three tables. Two tables of four and one table of two. Please be advised that we no longer have books and games available and if you have children we recommend that you bring things to entertain them with. In all areas we like to keep air flow with windows open and in the bay window we do like to have windows open as much as we can.

The Snug

In this room we have now only two tables of three and two . We would like to offer this room to family’s and friends as a room that can be private. We understand that for some it is still very unsettling times and we will always do our best to provide comfortable places for you to be. To have more information on this service again please talk to Sarah and she will advise you.

The Main Bar

The sofa area is still available but for a maximum of six people to sit at. The other tables have been placed in the correct social distancing and we now have three tables which are two tables of four and one table of two.

So, that’s a lot of information but we what you to feel safe and we what you to help us keep our doors open and thank you for respecting the measures that we have put in place. 

Please let’s all remember to be kind have good personal hygiene and mindfulness of each other and stay strong and well in these surreal times.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and have a chat 🤗

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