We are into 2022…….this page has been used mainly for Covid updates, but as everything moves forward and the restriction are now all lifted we have changed this page content. We will still have some info on Covid but we hope that the following information and pictures will be of help to those that don’t know the pub. Some of the pictures are in the process of being updated. Please feel free to contact us direct with any queries you may have.

At A Glance…… there is parking at the front and rear of the pub. (No over night parking). Entry to the pub is to be made via the main front door or the back LOW DOOR, and it is very low! If you feel that you can not duck low enough as not to cause injury to yourself we ask you stop and use the front door on entering and existing the building . We do request you still use the hand sanitisers on arrival and regularly during your visit.  Face coverings are a personal choice for you and now our team.  We risk access as to how we all operate as a team daily. We still want you to feel comfortable, so if you still wish to be served by us with the addition of a face covering we are very happy to respect your wishes. We are all continuing to practice social distancing and ask that you also carry on social distancing towards other customer and our team.

On arrival we will seat you to your booked table. Table service will still be provided but if  you need to approach the bar please be mindful of others and our serving staff. There will still be  limited available standing at the bar area, this is to ensure that we have adequate space to move through the bar area with food and drinks, so please give us space. Any persons disrespecting any member of staff, other customers or refusing to respect and carry out our policies will be refused service

Safety has been extremely high for us over the past two years as not only is this our business but it is also our home, we want to protect you and us, it’s like opening our lounge up! We are still risk assessing daily to ensure we run our pub as safely as possible. Please still be mindful of Covid and if you have Covid please don’t come to our pub.

On arrival

Hopefully you will have booked a table for food as this is  HIGHLY recommended, especially at weekends and holiday times. It also means we know what we have coming in and can run our business more efficiently.  On arrival you will be greeted and shown to your booked table. We book tables in the Forge, the Snug or the Bay window. The bar area is mainly for drinkers.

We have outside space for drinks and food as well as the indoor seating. At the front of the pub on the road side we have seating and also at the back of the pub in the beer garden. Our garden is set as a formal beer garden and the front is on a main road. Children can not be left unsupervised in any outside space. All our seating areas inside and outside have good spacing around them.

We do allow dogs and they must be kept on leads at all times in all the indoor and outside spaces. They must also be cat friendly, people and other dog friendly. If your dog does not like cats DO NOT BRING IT ONTO THE BACK GARDEN, we have very loved cats that own that space.

And with the greatest respect ….Our garden is not a dog toilet, please take your dogs for a walk.

About service and the team

All members of our team are trained and aware of HTP, hand washing procedures and social distancing measures that are in place. In our working  spaces we have five hand sanitisation stations and two hand washing stations.

Please be assured that our hand Washing/sanitisation is extremely high and we all wash our hands correctly before during  and after each task. Any cloths used to carry food are single use.

We do not lay up any tables and condiments, butters and sugars are single serve.

We have menus that are laminated, and once you have ordered that menu will go into our cleaning system before it is put back into circulation. If you are not happy with these menus please look on line as all our menus can be found here on this web site.

Our premises already complies with Safe Food Better Business  that the government have in place for all food premise and we are proud to say that in the 35 years of dealing with them we have always had a good relationship and a high rating. We run our business on a strict clean as you go motto. Safety and cleanliness in our kitchen, bar and handling and storing of all food and drink and personal hygiene is extremely important to us.

The table and area you will be seated at will have under gone a complete clean and during your visit HTP cleaning around the pub will be very regular and we are all aware of cleaning an area which has been used.

There is standing at the bar but is limitedThis is to help our team to move comfortably through the bar with food and drinks and also others customers can also move freely to and from the forge or to the bar to pay bills or order drinks.

For large bookings a pre order will be required.

Our rooms 

In the pub we have four sanitisation stations. Theses are situated on entry to the snug, bay window, the forge and in the middle bar area. We feel confident that when you move around the premise we have placed sanitisation stations in all areas of concern, there is no excuse not to have clean hands. We still have our tables and seating with good social distancing.

The Top Bar

This area has space for movement of our staff coming from the kitchen and bar and also for customers moving in and out of the Forge. We have a small sofa area for up to 6 people to sit comfortable in front of the wood burner.

The Forge

Our Forge is a naturally large open and airy room. In this room we have five tables  that can be adapted to variation of covers required. In the winter months the fire is always blazing which makes this room even more special. The Forge has been the venue for many special occasions from birthdays, Christmas parties, meal with friends or a cozy table for two.

The Bay Window

This beautiful sunny room has three tables. One tables of four, one table of five and one table of two. This room can be put together for up to 12 covers. Please be advised that we no longer have books and games available and if you have children we recommend that you bring things to entertain them with.

The Snug

In this room we have a table of 5 and a table of two/three, or put together up to eight. We would like to offer this room to family’s and friends as a room that can be private. We understand that for some it is still very unsettling times and we will always do our best to provide comfortable places for you to be. To have more information on this service again please talk to Sarah and she will advise you.

The Main Bar

The sofa area is available for six people to sit at. We have four other tables which are small tables more suited for drinkers.

So, hopefully this gives you an idea of our pub set up. Thank you to you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and have a chat 🤗

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