During December please check out hours page to find out availability on tables

So things hotting up again with the new variant. We all know what to do and how we can help. As a Small family run business, we are still asking that all customers continue to carry on social distancing and if you need to approach the bar that you do so at the screens provided or wear a face covering. We have kept all our tables and spaces with good social distancing and still have no standing in the bar area so when you are seated you will have the comfort of not being crowded in.
Also…. PLEASE continue to have good personal hygiene. We have all the hand sanitisers still in place and if you need to cough/sneeze, please cover your mouth, then clean your hands, its not rocket science !!! We really want to continue to have our doors open, and we still feel we are doing our best to keep us all safe in our business, but we need you to carry on being mindful of us and other fellow customers whilst in the pub.

As always we thank you .

 telephone 01884 860271

and just to clear any confusion, we are NEAR Tiverton, as in 9 miles away, not IN Tiverton 🙂 some sites make it seem like we are in Town, we are not, we are in the small village of NOMANSLAND on the B3137 between Tiverton and South Molton 🙂