June 2021. We have adapted and changed a few things to our Take away service as to be able to work along side with the pub opening.  For those that would like to continue using the take away service on a regular basis, please feel free to book up your time slots in advance to ensure that we fit you in around our indoor bookings.

PLEASE ….even if you see we are full or busy just give us a call, and as always we will do our best to fit you in on your chosen time 🙂

Take Away Service WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights each week, from 5pm till 8.00pm

All take aways need to be pre ordered and time slots booked. You can book your desired time slot with us in advance.   Orders to be placed over the phone or message via FB or email. If you email or send a message via social media and do not get a reply very quickly, PLEASE call the pub….we are probably too busy to check phone messages !!! You can pay over the phone or on arrival.

 Telephone 01884 860271 OR email info@themountpleasantinn.com

Collection is to be made from the Kitchen Counter, located at the back car park only.

 We have added Afternoon Tea Take away now available on Fridays and Saturdays. There will be three yummy boxes, one filled with assorted cut sandwiches, one filled with home made scones, clotted cream and jam, and then one filled with assorted mini cakes. Afternoon Tea Boxes will be available in small at £15, or large at £30. We will need orders to be placed the day before, and collection slots can be booked from 3.30 till 4.30pm. 

  CHICKEN SPECIAL – chicken breast cooked in garlic, mushroom, bacon and cream served with FRIES £12 GF

CRANBERRY CHICKEN –  chicken breast cooked in red wine cranberries and cream served with FRIES £12 GF can be DF

CHICKEN BENEDICTINE – chicken breast in a spring onions, benedictine, brie and mushroom cream sauce serve with FRIES £12 can be GF

 STEAK AND ALE PIE – home made pie topped with a short crust pasty served with FRIES & PEAS  £12 

CHICKEN STILTON AND MUSHROOM PIE – home made pie  topped with a short crust pastry served with FRIES & PEAS  £12 

THE MP BURGER – burger on a bed of lettuce & tomato topped with bacon, onions, mushrooms and cheddar served with  COLESLAW and FRIES £10  can be GF & DF

CHICKEN BURGER – southern coated deep fried chicken served on a bed of lettuce and topped with garlic mayo served with COLESLAW and FRIES £10 

HOME MADE LASAGNE  – served with FRIES £10

TEX MEX – home made chilli in flour tortillas wraps and topped with cheddar served with SALAD £10 can be GF if served with rice

 CURRY( it changes flavour so ask when placing order !!)  – served with RICE & NAAN BREAD £10 can be GF & DF (don’t forget to look at fancy sides for extras to go with curry !)

SAUSAGE MASH AND ONION GRAVY  –  served with PEAS £10 can be DF


VEGGIE LASAGNE – a home made lasagne layered with assorted vegetables in rich tomato sauce topped with cheddar served with FRIES £10

SPINACH AND FETA FILO PIE – home made pie served with FRIES £10

THE HB – veggie/vegan burger on a bed of lettuce sweet chilli & avocado with Hallumi for veggies or vegan cheese for vegans. Served with COLESLAW (vegans get extra onion rings instead of coleslaw ) and FRIES £10 can be GF DF or Vegan

HOMMITY PIE –  home made, pastry base filled with potato, garlic & leek topped with cheddar served with SALAD & COLESLAW  £10 

VEGETABLE KORMA – served with RICE & NAAN BREAD £10 can be GF DF or Vegan (don’t forget to look at fancy sides for extras to go with korma, they are veggie too !)

SPICY BEAN CHILLI WRAPS – home made  bean chilli in flour tortillas wraps and topped with cheddar served with SALAD £10 can be GF and Vegan if served with rice


FISH PIE – home made pie  salmon, prawns & haddock in a lovely creamy sauce  topped with mashed potato served with FRIES  & PEAS £12 can be GF

SCAMPI – whole tailed deep fried  Whitby scampi served with FRIES & PEAS £10 DF


 PRAWN AND SMOKED SALMON – topped with pink sauce all served in a large nest of lovely salad ! served with FRIES £10 GF DF 

AVOCADO, BRIE AND PINE NUT –  served in a large nest  of lovely salad ! served with FRIES  £10 GF

CHICKEN & BACON – served in a large nest  of lovely salad ! served with FRIES  £10 GF DF




SALAD and coleslaw


SOUTHERN FRIED BREADED CHICKEN STRIPS (5 per portion) served with garlic mayo

BRIE WEDGES (5) served with cranberry

PANKO COATED SQUID RINGS (5 per portion) served with garlic mayo

INDIAN  SELECTION mini deep fried mix of onion hajis, vegetable samosas & vegetable pakora, perfect to go along side curries

TAKE AWAY PUDDING £5 served with cream or pot of custard !



BAKED BAILEYS CHHESE CAKE …….its back and so is Sadie 🙂




For the little Jeremy & Jemima! £5 

JJ Jumbo Cod Fish Finger fries & Peas

JJ Tomato & Cheese Pizza fries & peas

JJ Chicken strips fries & peas


We have Home baked Dog Biscuits £1 per bag to treat your little furry friends.

And Handmade (by Fearn) lovely sparkly bead Suncatchers to give yourself or a friend a little lift. Each Sun catcher has a rainbow charm or love charm and comes in its own fabric bag. Small ones £2 then longer ones £3 You can choose from the picture and order when placing take away, or you can pick one when you arrive  at kitchen door.

These will be out on our take away table during fine weather. If you would like any treats or gifts you can add them when placing your take away order 🙂

We have risk assessed our business in line with the current government guidelines and COVID-19. In return we ask that if and when you decide to visit our pub or come for a take away you ask yourself a few questions.

Have you any symptoms of being ill?

Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or confirmed COVID -19?

Have you been to an area or country that has high infection risk or in a high tier? (and as we are in lock down  you shouldn’t be leaving where you live….)

If you have said yes to any of the above, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT.

Please do not turn up at the pub without having a booked time slot for a take away or have an arranged appointment. All communication is to be done via telephone or email. Thank you

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